Zambezi fishing trip

The Zambezi River has become the number one destination for fresh water anglers for the the ferocious tiger fish (Hydrocynus Vittatus). Powerful predators Tigerfish are a adventure to catch and require a deal of skill with a good river specimen weighing over 7-8kg.

Bream, or Tilapia, also live in large numbers in the river. a good 2-3kg fish will quickly snap light tackle given half the chance. Tea and coffee, soft drinks, beer and fishing tackle are provided.

  • SUMMER TIMES: Morning Pick up 6:45am - Morning Drop off 11:00am

    Afternoon pick up 2:45pm - Afternoon drop off 6:30 pm

  • WINTER TIMES: Morning pick up 7:00 am - Morning drop off 11:00am

    Afternoon pick up 13:30 pm - Afternoon drop off 5:30pm

  • Duration: 3.5 mins +/-

  • Cost: $100 Per Person - Plus park fees

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